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How to register with Enable Dating

Registering is easy, and will only take a few minutes of your time. It is necessary so that we can assign you a profile, and provide you with your own login details to securely access the member area.

There are two main steps, and you will need to have an email account in order to complete your registration. Ok, let’s get started...

1Fill out the registration form

The first step is to register for disabled dating on our homepage, simply fill in the details on the signup form.

Click to select your gender, date of birth (you choose the day/year/month separately) and disability / health condition. Finally type in your email address – it is important that this is correct as the activation email will be sent to here, which you will need in step 2.

Tick the box to agree our terms and conditions, then click the ‘Sign up’ button to send the form to us.

Oops! Don't worry:

The system will check the form details when you send it – if there are any items that are incorrect or missing, then you will see a different page which shows the form once again, with any errors highlighted for you in red text, explaining what needs to be corrected.

screenshot showing errors highlighted on registration form

Correct the form fields that are highlighted, then click the ‘Start Now!’ button to confirm.

2Registration received

You will be shown a confirmation page if all your details came through ok. This will ask you to check your email account for an activation message. This is so we can be sure that your email address is correct, and is genuine – by doing this we keep out any spammers and ensure only genuine people are joining us.

3Confirm your registration

Log in to your email account and check for new messages. You should see one welcoming you to – open this email and then click main button contained in the message.

Didn't receive the email?

If you don’t receive the activation email, don't worry. On the confirmation page that you saw in step 2, there are options to send us an email to have your account activated, or you may enter an alternative email address for us to re-send the activation email to:

screenshot showing options when confirmation email is not received

4Registration activated

The link from step 3 will take you back to our website, this time you will see that you are logged in to your new account – welcome aboard! The page you see will help you to get some basic information onto your profile for other members to view:

screenshot of the initial profile setup options

(You don't have to complete this information at this stage as it can all be accessed via the 'profile' page from the main navigation.)


Your profile will be quite sparse to start with, but there are many ways in which you can add information about yourself and make it interesting to other members – see our guide to creating an interesting profile for help on how to do this.

5Quality members

You may begin using your account straight away, behind the scenes we will be reviewing your profile - we do this with all new accounts to ensure that the person is genuine, which is important to maintaining a high quality membership. Once your account passes this review you will receive a further email from us officially welcoming you to our community.