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Email and online dating are the perfect fit - using email allows you time to think about what you want to say and compose a message that is just right. Making the right impression is very important, email gives you the time you need to get things just so.

When using email to communicate with potential dates remember that it is a two-way street - take your time to read the messages and keep the conversation along the same topics, there is nothing more off-putting than having someone reply as though they didn't even bother to read what was said!

Our email system is state of the art, secure, and provides you with a quick and easy way to communicate with other Enable Dating members, read on for more information on how to use it..

1Accessing your email

All of your received and sent messages are stored under the 'mail' section within your account. Once logged in, you can access this by clicking on the 'mail' tab on the main navigation. If you have any unread messages in your inbox, you will see the number of them in brackets in the tab link which makes it easy to see at a glance.:

mail tab in navigation showing number of unread messages

2Your inbox

Your inbox is where your received messages are listed, they appear here in reverse chronological order, so the first one is the most recent.

The messages are presented row by row, each with five columns. The first column is a select box which allows you to select multiple messages to conveniently delete them in one go. Next you will see the 'read' status of the message as one of the following icons:

icons showing the status of messages

The third column shows who the message was sent from - this will either be another Enable Dating member or it will be We periodically send notification emails regarding your profile, such as when people contact you, so this is when you will see it is from us.

Next is the subject of the email, along with the date it was sent. Finally there is a button to 'read the message' which will open the email for you to read the body.

3Sending an email

If you have seen another member who you would like to make contact with, then it is easy to send an email to that person. Open the person's profile (by clicking on their picture or name), and then choose the 'email' option under their profile picture:

link on member profile for sending email

You can now enter the subject for the message, and then write in the message that you would like to send to the person. Once you are happy with the message, click 'send' to have it delivered to their inbox - it's that easy!