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Contacting Members

Getting the most out of your Enable Dating membership means putting yourself out there, making yourself get noticed and starting a dialog with other members.

The great thing about being within a disabled persons' community is that the conversation doesn't need to start with explaining that you have a disability. Every member either has a disability of their own, or is someone who feels that people with disabilities shouldn't be struck off their list of potential future partners.

We know that the web brings down the many physical barriers that exist in the real world, but we also know that due to their impairment some members will find certain aspects difficult online too. This is why we offer such a broad range of options for communication between members, from textual to visual.

There are many ways that you can initiate contact with members who catch your eye, ranging from the simple and informal winks through to full face-to-face video chat. How you go about making connections with members is entirely down to you, and you are in control of the pace.

We provide you with the tools you need to make things happen. Read on for the in-depth guides on the various methods of contacting members, and how to make the most of them.

Winks, Cards & Flirts

These are great tools for getting someone to notice you. Informal and light-hearted, they will let a person know that they have piqued your interest and are a great way to get them to head over to your profile to see more about you.


Email *

The mainstay of online dating, emails are dependable and can be used in a tone and manner that you want - be that flippant and happy-go-lucky or more serious and formal. Our email system is easy to use and will be something that you will encounter every time you log in as you get new messages.


Chat *

Ready for real-time communication? Our chat systems allow you to 'speak' one on one with another member, whether that be via typed text, spoken through a microphone or the full video chat where you can see each other on screen.


Kept in the loop

Not able to log in regularly? Worry not - you won't miss a thing! If a fellow member contacts you or interacts with your profile in any way, our system will send an email notification directly to your regular email mailbox, letting you know who has contacted you and how.

As always, with Enable Dating you are in control - email notifications are completely under your control. You can select which events (i.e. new wink, chat request etc.) that you want to receive notifications on, or even opt out entirely if you wish.

* = These features require a paid membership in order to use them. From time to time we offer special promotions where these are fully available on our free membership for a limited period. Details of any promotions will be shown once you are logged in to your account.