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Choosing Your Membership

When becoming a member of Enable Dating, you have three types of membership to choose from. These range from 'Free', to 'Gold' and finally 'VIP'. Each one gives great features and the upper two tiers add more benefits to help you make the best of your online dating.


Our free membership is a great starting point, allowing you to get into online dating without any up front cost or commitments.

Features include:


Our most popular option amoung active members, Gold membership gives you full access to contact and interact with all of our members, allowing you to get the very best from your online dating.

Features Include:


If you want the very best, then our 'VIP' membership is it. This is an upgrade from 'Gold', so to get it you will need to first become a 'Gold' member.

Features include:

Choosing 'VIP' membership gives your dating profile a real boost, putting you in front of the widest number of people, making it more likely that you will be contacted. It also opens you up to communicate with all members - including those on the 'Free' package who wouldn't normally have access to the email and chat functions - meaning you can make contact with anyone who you would like to get to know better.

How long does it take to get my membership activated?

In normal circumstances all memberships are activated instantly, giving you full access to all the features right away.

In some cases either the payment or the profile will need to go through our risk management team for manual activation. This additional level of protection may take up to 24 hours to carry out, in some cases we may require your signature to confirm payment.

If you are paying by bank transfer, cash or other such non-instant methods then the processing time of the payment will delay your membership activation. Please contact our support team if you need more details on any specific payment method.

Keeping your membership current

We have removed the hassle of keeping your membership payments current by using a recurring billing solution - once you join your membership will automatically renew each period without you having to worry.

Should you wish to suspend your recurring billing, and drop back onto the 'Free' membership, you can simply navigate from your account to: Profile > Account details > Suspend billing and follow the simple steps there to cancel.

Easy upgrades

The best part about our membership plans is that you are free to upgrade at any time, so you can start today on our completely free membership and get to know us and the Enable Dating platform before you choose to move up and get more from your online dating. We look forward to having you as a member, whichever plan you choose!